Early this month, an Australian woman shared an experience in which she claims that she was raped by Texas rapper, RiFF RAFF. She alleged that the rapper had drugged her with codeine syrup, and dragged her into a car and back to his hotel room. The story blew up, and led to the immediate cancellation of RiFF RAFF's Australian tour. 

A few days later, RiFF RAFF was accused by a second woman, this time of sexual misconduct. She claimed that he forced her onto a bed in his tour bus, and touched her inappropriately before letting her leave. The woman claims she was under age at the time. 

RiFF RAFF had yet to make an official statement regarding these claims, until now. Today on his Instagram, he posted a sneak preview of a mini-documentary that he's been working on, titled "TRiAL BY MEDiA," in which he claims that the allegations against him are false, and are just an easy way for people to get their name in the media. The video also stars a "multi-million dollar" movie director, and an entertainment lawyer. 

The clip begins with the lawyer explaining how the people making the unsubstantiated claims have all the power, and how the "so-called victims" have turned into "bullies" against men with fame and influence. The director's name is Sarah B. Dowdy, who's IMDB page lists her as the director of several short films, and she claims that anyone can become "judge, jury, & executioner" over media. 

In the short clip, RiFF RAFF himself adamantly denies every having raped or given drugs to anyone. You can watch the clip of RiFF RAFF's documentary below.