You heard right - eccentric Mad Decent rapper Riff Raff is set to appear on the Emmy award-winning television soap opera "One Life To Live," in the role of a Miami art dealer named Jamie Franko. This will be the second new episode in a relaunching of the 49-year-old series, which has been on hiatus from network television since 2011. 

Some of you may have heard that James Franco's drug-dealing character in Harmony Korine's recent Spring Breakers film was inspired by Riff Raff (the Texan emcee has made this claim himself). But Franco has stated that his man influence was actually obscure Floridian rapper Dangeruss, and Korine says the character is an amalgamation. Whatever the case may be, Riff's role in the soap opera is clearly a response to Franco's character, and it should prove to be hilarious despite the show's normally dramatic tone. 

Filming took place in Stamford, Connecticut on Wednesday night. You can catch the episode on Hulu or iTunes on May 7th at 12PM Eastern Time.

The photos in the gallery above are from the shoot, and you can peep eight seconds of behind-the-scenes footage below (Riff's a Vine enthusiast - click the mute icon in the top left corner of the video to hear sound).