RiFF RAFF gets the hot hand in Lil Pump. The rapper leaked a snippet of a new song, prominently featuring the vocal adlibs of Lil Pump, over footage of pro skater Leandre Sanders shredding a skate park. In the caption accompanying the video, RiFF RAFF big ups Leandre, Lil Pump, and Diablo, the producer of the yet to be titled song. The two rappers who have worked together in the past, are a known cooperative entity. Diablo, Pump's preferred option on the decks, is widely regarded as South Florida's hottest producer right now.

Pump raps: "Fuck on your b**** in the trap, fuck on your b**** over xany, know that your b**** in a casket/couple thots on a jet ski, riding around in a Bentley (damn), look at my shoes, it's Giuseppe, damn."

RiFF RAFF signed his half a million dollar deal with imprint Beartrap Sounds while Lil Pump inked his with Warner Bros contract for a whopping 8 mill. The gross disparity between the two is no slight on RiFF RAFF or his appeal. In reality, Lil Pump is just that guy right now. You've got to know how to pick your friends in this industry.

See for yourself.