Rico Nasty has done a good job of keeping her personal life separate from her music career. The DMV rapper is known and loved for her raucous tracks. When she's being showered with attention, it's usually because of her unique sound and her creative looks. There was the rare exception in December when Rico was frantically spamming social media feeds after FKA Twigs allegedly blocked her on Instagram. However, that wasn't scandalous - just hilarious. 

Today, Rico uncharacteristically took to Twitter to divulge some information about private matters. She revealed that she's single and she appears to be over the moon about it. "I'm finally single after years and years," she started her series of confessional tweets. "And months of second guessing my happiness and my worth .... lmfao bitch I’m so happy rn." She went on to offer advice to anyone stuck in an unsatisfying relationship that would benefit from the same liberation that she is now experiencing. "I just wanna tell all my bitches rn if u feel like he don’t love u . HE DOESNT . U can love yourself MORE." She finished off this PSA with a succinct motivational message: "Fuck these n****s and these hoes." 

Last month, Rico shared her single, "Hard", as she's prepping her next album, Nightmare Vacation