Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats shared the spoils of an Anger Management project they reportedly pieced together in 5 days flat, from the producer's mouth to God's ears. Within the past year or so, "Woah Kenny" is fast tagline synonymous with hip-hop pragmatism, made evident by the rate at which visiting artists leave "The Cave" with positive results.

That being said, Rico Nasty's relationship with Kenny Beats is altogether different, as she figures as more of an "artist in residency" than visiting rogue. In fact, Kenny Beats has made himself available to Rico at every opportunity, from Nasty onward, although Anger Management is essentially their first exclusive arrangement on record.

Rico Nasty and Kenny showed off some of their in-studio chemistry in a recent episode of the producer's "The Cave" web series, where they give off the illusion of a one-take song miracle thanks to video editing. The 9-track project will likely include the "miracle song," as well as the rare feature from Dreamville's EarthGang, and a healthy nod Texas-born Splurge, himself a regular visitor to "The Cave." Anger Management drops at midnight, don't get gassed.

Anger Management

1. Cold
2. Cheat Code (feat. Baauer)
3. Hatin
4. Big T*****s (feat. Baauer and EarthGang)
5. Nasty World (Skit)
6. Relative
7. Mood (feat. Splurge)
8.Sell Out
9. Again