Since coming to R. Kelly's defense last week, Rico Love has changed his tune, retracting all Twitter posts making mention of the "Bump 'N Grind" singer. It is highly likely Rico Love didn't understand the weight of his words, nor did he understand in what capacity, he may have been contributing to a culture of complacency, and victim blaming - not until he saw Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly with his own two eyes.

The original Tweet, which received much scorn attention, basically asserts that "nothing," presumably in reference to the many the 70-odd testimonies contained in the docu-series, would ever prevent him from enjoying R. Kelly's best work. It should be noted, Rico Love worded his statement to convey an unconscious level of appreciation (awareness) so as to describe the truancy of R. Kelly's undeniable talent.

After sensing he'd taken a wrong step, Rico opted to clear the air on Ebro Darden's Beats 1 program. "In retrospect, I realized that was very insensitive at the time that I said it. I can admit when I'm wrong. I can admit error," Love tells Ebro in conversation. "What I said was not appropriate for the moment. In fairness, I had not watched (Surviving R. Kelly). I just saw people attacking people for liking R. Kelly's music."

Rico Love would admit to his faults on-air, with a promise to shake anyone's hand person-to-person if they ever felt obliged. "If you're saying to me you want to change my point of view and you feel like you don't agree with the way I handled it, then when I apologize and say you're correct, then you win," Rico Love admitted in defeat.