Rico Beats, the producer behind Pusha T's dis track "Exodus 23:1" featuring The-Dream, spoke on the beat to MTV News. 

Rico said he wasn't aware Pusha T would be taking shots at anyone on the track, "Honestly, when we were in the room listening to that record, I didn't hear none of these guys' names brought up," he continued, "It was none of that. Dream got in his zone and he went in the booth. Pusha got his pen, like I didn't hear nobody mentioned."

Before he made the beat, Rico said the only instruction he got from Pusha was to make something that sounded dark.

"Pusha kept tellin' me, 'I need something dark, man. The album sounds crazy, but I still need somethin' for my fans'. So I was like, 'I got you, give me by six o'clock,' " Rico recalled. "I went down to the studio and I was just listening to Biggie. I was just playin' pure Biggie. So ["What's Beef"] came on and once I heard [B.I.G.'s] 'ha-ha-ha-ha' [vocal] I was like, 'Oh sh--'."

Watch the video clip below.

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