Ricky Gervais is coming under fire for a series of transphobic jokes made on Twitter, Friday.


He began with a response to the J.K. Rowling incident from earlier in the week tweeting, "Those awful biological women can never understand what it must be like for you becoming a lovely lady so late in life. They take their girly privileges for granted. Winning at female sports and having their own toilets. Well, enough is enough."

When called out for doing "REAL harm to REAL kids," Gervais responded, "I do. I also make jokes about AIDS, Cancer, Famine and The Holocaust. Those things do a bit of harm too. But jokes don't. Have a nice day."


Gervais has made a career off of offensive and inappropriate humor. Back in October, the comedian wrote on Twitter, "I don’t try to offend, but the more people are offended by a joke, particularly on Twitter, the funnier I find it. And the angrier the tweet, the more chance of me using it and turning it to laughs and cash. PC culture isn’t killing comedy. It’s driving it. As it always did 🙏"


Gervais is set to host the Golden Globes on January 5th, 2020. It will be his fifth time hosting.