It's debatable as to what is more impressive, Rick Ross' rhymes, or his beard? 

It's undeniable that Ross has one of the strongest beards in the rap game, and now he's getting ready to gift some game to all you guys out there with struggle beards, with his new RICH line of grooming products. 

According to The Cut, the collection will feature nine different products, including beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair & body wash, styling gel, shaving cream, aftershave balm, classic pomade and styling wax. The ingredients used in the products are very Rick Ross as well, as he's created a special formula called "the boss experience," which will be featured in every product. Three ingredients of "the boss experience" include, hemp seed, caviar extract, and champagne extract, which couldn't be more stereotypically Rick Ross if they tried. 

Ross didn't just choose these ingredients because they fit his brand, however, they were actually chosen for the benefits they bring to the table. Champagne extract contains anti-aging components, the caviar helps moisturize and protect against UV rays, and the hemp seed will smooth, plump, and moisturize your face. 

Despite all this luxury, RICH grooming products won't break the bank, as each product is set to be priced between $12.99 and $15.99. The collection will be launching in limited quantities this May, and will launch nationwide at Sally Beauty Supply this July. Finally, we'll all be able to graduate from stringy, itchy beards and rock beards fit for a millionaire. Thanks you so much, Rick Ross!