Rick Ross was quite talkative last night, something we don't always see from the Miami rapper. While in his hometown, he chopped it up with Felisha Monet for Miami's 99 Jamz. In the first part of their conversation, Rozay speaks on his cancelled tour and related rumors.

As the conversation with Ricky Rozay continued, the BET Hip-Hop Awards debacle was brought up, as well as 50 Cent. Rozay threw jabs at both opponents. 

The Bawse opened up about passing Jeezy in the hallway of the Awards show, and as he explains it, he tried to choke his fellow rapper. "This is nothing personal to me. At the BET Awards it basically boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy. He had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him. When we cross paths I said what's up, as soon as he said what's up, I tried to choke him. His security guards hit me up. Whoever the big black dude is, with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas."

He then explains how the police greeted him when he got off this stage asking him to leave the premises, as well as Gunplay's situation at the same Awards show.

Ross continued,"It's not personal, but if I see Young Jeezy again, will I try to choke him? I dunno, that's it's an option." He then turned his attention to another beef, "If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all, but it's an option." 

Felisha proceeded to ask Ross to explain what he means by "it's not personal" but choking is "an option." Ross obliged while throwing a shot at Fif, "Because, certain lines were already crossed. And by not being personal, I'ma take time out to acknowledge him on his boxing license. I like that. I may let him get a one-year head start on me on that, and next year, I get in that, and we can beef on that too!," he added, "Let's beef on the boxing level too!"

Finally, although this was not documented in the footage from the interview below, the MMG leader appears to have moved his MMG label from Warner Bros. to Atlantic Records (to which Jeezy happens to be the Senior VP Of A&R). 

We'll have to wait for a more official statement, but for now 99 Jamz confirmed the news on Twitter.

Peep the interview where Rick Ross discusses Young Jeezy and 50 Cent below.