In hip-hop culture, few things are as legendary as Dr. Dre's vault. Who knows how many unreleased gems lie within? Detox, for one. Eminem's Relapse 2 may very well be there. Now, we can safely confirm that there are at least four Rick Ross joints there too.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, The Boss reflected on his studio session with Dre, claiming that they recorded five joints. One of which turned out to be "3 Kings" off God Forgives I Don't, but the other four remain hidden. After, Ross dropped some tantalizing news - apparently, he heard a rumor about an unreleased Dre & Biggie track.  

"I want you to ask Puff, but I heard there may be a Dre / Big, B.I.G record," teases Ross. "Real talk, I heard that. I heard they made a record together like 'yo we gotta do this for the game on the low, like they was on the studio together." 

It's crazy to think about what lies within Dre's vault. I suppose all we can do is pray that the good doctor is hit with a sudden bout of generosity. Either way, there's no denying a Dre and Biggie track would be hard as hell.

For more from Ross, check out the full interview below. Dre talk starts around twelve minutes, thirty seconds.