Chelsea Handler used to date 50 Cent, so it's rather touchy when Rick Ross showed up on Chelsea Lately and the two of them discussed the 50 feud. To be fair, all Chelsea wanted to know is if the two of them were still beefing, but Rozay was quick to quip:

“I’m really through talkin’ about dawg. When I look up at the scoreboard, we winnin’ big,” says Ross. 

This is rather awkward, especially since Chelsea seemed to laugh it up infectiously with the big man. Although that didn't stop her from comparing Rozay’s beard to a "hemorrhoid cushion." 

Interestingly, the conversation then turned ganja-themed. Rick Ross admitted he hired a beautiful personal assistant whose job is literally just to roll blunts for him. To be fair, Ross has a high standard when it comes to rolling. 

"This chick I met -- she actually was at a dispensary -- had beautiful green eyes. She was just rolling them perfectly," said a gleeful Ross. "I said 'Wow, come do that for me.'" 

They also talked about how Ross wants to expand his famed Wingstop franchise. Check out the full interview, which is actually quite funny, in the video below.