It looks like Rick Ross is the latest victim of a lawsuit. According to reports, The Miami rapper is being sued by a couple of St. Louis promoters for missing a concert last year.

The rapper was scheduled to appear at the Pageant in St. Louis on Jan. 11, 2020 for a concert, but unfortunately that never happened. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs, Antoine Meeks & Orlando Watson, paid Rick Ross $30,000 upfront on October 21st, 2019 and were to pay the other half upon Ross’ arrival, but he never showed. And of course, he kept the first $30,000 he got as a down payment.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The plaintiffs also say they spent $6,000 for the venue, $3,300 on Ross' travel and accommodations, $4,100 on marketing and promotions and another $25,000 for "production costs."

The lawsuit alleges the plaintiffs have been damaged more than $74,000 and they want Rick Ross to fork it up. Whether or not they’ll be successful in recouping that money remains to be seen, but its worth the effort. Meeks and Watson’s attorney, Thayer Weaver, says they attempted to reschedule the concert to no success, claiming the rapper ignored calls and pointed out the fact he struggled to track where Ross’ business entities were organized.