In what is likely the most important news of the day, we can now rest easy as Rick Ross has confirmed that he does not wear a wig. Several rumors broke out over the course of this year presuming that Rick Ross was wearing a lace-front fade as well as a lace-front beard. While the news is incredibly trivial and especially uninteresting to some, there are indeed people in the world that care about Rick Ross' ability to grow hair on his head. While many women opt for lace-front weaves or wigs for a variety of reasons, Rick Ross has not succumbed to the beauty standards just yet.

During a recorded video on his Snapchat story, Rozay noted that, despite the gossip, he does not wear a lace-front. "Time for all the h-es who thought this was a lace-front fade," says Ross while tussling his hair. He continued, "I know I got paper but if you b-tches think a n---a buying hair implants," before the video cut off. The clip cuts off right in the middle of Ross' sentence so it's unclear if Ross goes on to dispel the rumors or affirm them. We would be surprised if Ross admitted to wearing a wig and, judging from the tone of his voice in the video, it's safe to assume that he is rejecting the idea completely.

Rozay is right about having a lot of paper. As an icon in Miami, Rick Ross has built an empire that many may only dream of following. Check out the video below if you've been wondering whether or not his hair is legit or not.