Bad news was handed down to Meek Mill and his legal team yesterday (November 6th), with the rapper now facing two to four years in prison for violating his probation. The court date dealt with several probation violations that are linked to his 2009 case for drugs and weapons possessions. His act of popping wheelies on a dirt bike was supposedly the last straw for the judge, who isn't budging on making Mill answer for his transgressions. This is also on top of a probation violation back in 2015 but was sentenced to house arrest. It's safe to say that the situation looks pretty dire for Meek Mill right now, but the silver lining is the number of high-profile rappers and celebrities that have come to his defense. Now, you can count Rick Ross as a member of that support group.

Sharing a promotional photo of Meek Mill dressed in a suit, looking straight into the camera, Ross offered up an incisive and supportive caption on Instagram. It reads as follows:

"Tests are not for the faint at heart! . Every time an obstacle crosses his path, he fights his way through and comes out triumphant. I've watched him 1st hand fight this unjust system for close to a decade. But my dawg is a warrior! You know the family is already holding you down during this time of test. Here’s to the future! It will be BRIGHT!"

Meek Mill's attorney, Joe Tacopina, says the sentence is really rooted in a long-standing bit of tension between the judge and Meek. In fact, according to Tacopina, prosecutors didn't even suggest that Meek serve any time in jail. He added that the judge and Meek Mill are from the same Philly area and have several mutual acquaintances.

Jay-Z has also stepped up to support Meek Mill, calling the sentencing "unjust."