Rick Ross is fresh off the release of his Port Of Miami 2 album and, in order to capitalize on all the attention he's been receiving from it, he's hitting the road to perform for his legion of fans across the country. Florida may be his stomping grounds but Rozay has pull all over the world. He recently stopped by New Orleans this week and met a special someone in the front row of his show, singling her out and potentially beginning something longlasting.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Imagine telling your grandchildren this story. You meet your favorite rapper while they're on stage before developing a meaningful bond after the show. That's not entirely the case for this woman yet but she came damn close and likely has a chance at love with Rick Ross if she pleases. Taking to Instagram, a woman named Reina shared a once-in-a-lifetime moment that happened during Ross' show in NOLA. The recording artist stopped the music to address her in the crowd, saying that he believes they have something cool. "Am I right? Do me and you have something going on?" asked the rapper, pointing at Reina in the crowd. She seems down with it all, sharing the clip and flirting with him in the caption: "Hey, Big Head."

Hopefully, Rick Ross sees her message and takes action. Clearly, he's got great taste in women.