It's Port of Miami 2 season as Rick Ross prepares for the release of his long-awaited 10th studio album. The rapper has been hush-hush about the record for the last few months, but as the August 9 release date approaches, Ross is finally sharing details about his album. The 43-year-old entertainer chatted with Hot 97 radio station on Friday and answered questions about POM2, kicking off with what fans can expect from the project.

"Rozay, just turned all the way up," he said. "This is something that I've really been working on. How long have I been working on the album? I'm not really sure, but my oldest record, I would say, is maybe ten months old. A little less than a year. And that was a record titled 'Vegas Residence.' Other than that, everything else I pretty much did a majority of that in the last months."

Ross also said that he's known for linking up with his top-selling hip hop friends to create hot collaborations, but on Port of Miami 2, he wanted to focus on working with lesser-known or unknown producers, as well. There has been talk that we may see a collaboration between Pusha T and Lil Wayne, but Ross was enigmatic about the record's release. He said the two rappers weren't aware that the other would be featured, but he hopes this can be the end to the beef.

"I don't have no doubt that this will be put behind them," Ross said. "The real question for me was, is this the right time? That's something that I can't decide. Did I put the record together? I did. But is this the right time for it to be released? That's something that I'm not really gonna be able to decide. We'll just have to see on August 9th what the play gon' be."

Ross also confirmed that there's definitely a Meek Mill-assisted anthem on the album. "It's called 'Bogus Charms' where we just talk about some of the, of course, the downsides to the game," Ross stated. "We speak on some of the painful sides to the game. Meek opens up in a way he never [has]. It's one of those big, heavy production beats. It's a real special record."

Early Friday morning, Ross dropped his Drake collaboration, "Gold Roses," a song that was well-received by fans. He shared how he and Drizzy came up with the idea for the song. "Nipsey [Hussle] came up in our conversation," he said. "We both was just goin' back and forth and I was just sayin' man, I pray he had an idea of the impact that he made and left on these streets. I just pray he had a idea."

Ross continued, "The conversation led us to...Drake said, 'I hope I can smell my flowers while I'm here.' That was the statement that was made and so, that's what a gold rose came from. Just being able to express yourself while your people here. Admit your wrongs and move on. So, that's what the whole vibe was. Man, it's a dope record." Watch the interview in its entirety below.