Yesterday marked 25 years since Notorious B.I.G. dropped his classic album, Ready To Die. In honour of this anniversary, Optimo Cigars hosted an event called "Biggie Inspires" in New York City last night. Biggie was often seen and photographed with a cigar or blunt in his mouth so it makes sense that a cigar company would view him as an inspiration. "Biggie Inspires" was a party, but it was also an art contest. Optimo collected B.I.G.-inspired pieces for weeks prior to the event and displayed many of them at the venue. However, the works of two winners were selected to be rendered into massive murals in the late rapper's former base of Brooklyn. The cigar company's Instagram page is now filled with colourful drawings honouring the legend.

Among the crowd in attendance at the party was King Combs, Lil Kim (who is often spotted attending events remembering her lost friend) and Rick Ross. The event was held in collaboration with Biggie's estate, so his two children came through too. Christopher Jordan (CJ) and T'yanna Wallace had the chance to meet the Big Boss himself, Rick Ross. Ross shared a photo of his encounter with "the beautiful daughter and son ‘CJ’ of the legendary B.I.G." at what he referred to as an "honourable event."

In March, CJ launched a cannabis company named "Think BIG", an endeavour which he said was largely motivated by his father's influence. T'yanna is also keeping her father's legacy alive through her Notoriouss clothing boutique.