Since the beginning of November, one of the biggest stories to surface is Meek Mill's unjust prison sentence. For minor infractions on his probation sentence, the judge gave Meek Mill two to four years behind bars despite the probation officer's recommendation. Since then, his lawyers have been trying their hardest to get him out of jail while his fans and peers have rallied together in support of the incarcerated rapper. One of those people is Meek Mill's boss, Rick Ross. He helped lead the #Rally4Meek protest in Philadelphia and has overall, vocalized his support for the rapper. Recently, he elaborated on Meek's position and why it's an issue that doesn't strictly pertain to Meek.

In an interview with Tim Westwood, Rick Ross spoke on Meek Mill's incarceration at the American judicial system. He wants to use Meek Mill's situation to shed some light on the overall issue of injustice that's happening in not only America but across the globe.

"What I want to continue to express is for everybody who is at home in the same struggle, let’s use Meek Mill’s attention to shed light on a problem we that we know is bigger than Meek Mill. We gon' scream Meek name and just make sure we fight this injustice that's going on for young black males that's in the game, period. This is going on all around the world, you dig? So when I say Meek name, I'm really speaking for everybody that's in the struggle. Everybody that's going through it. Everybody that's jammed up," Rick Ross said.

For anyone that's surrounding Meek, it's a difficult time to see him going through what he's going through right now. Rick Ross recalls going to Philly after Meek's sentence to sit down with his mother where she instilled positivity in Rick Ross and Meek's people.

"When I sat with Meek's mom, she got to say some powerful things to me and all our surroundings. Make sure we all stay positive and that's what we gon' do. We gon' stay positive and just hold Meek down and you know we here, it's most definitely an injustice. Homie done did over a decade without a new crime," he said, "What else more can you ask for?"

You could watch the full interview below and the comments around 6:15 minutes in.