Rick Ross is all about a dollar. That's been his M.O. even before getting into the rap game. These days, he's getting money in the worlds of medicare, cannabis, music, food, and film. We already know that the rapper allowed the crew for Coming II Americato shoot the film at his home that was formerly the estate of Evander Holyfield. That opened up the doors for even more opportunities for Rozay to cash out.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The rap mogul recently sat down with Shannon Sharpe when Ross explained his method of moving through real estate and entertainment simultaneously. With such a lavish home, Ross often hears offers to rent his property for filming purposes. It comes with a price, of course. That is what excites Rozay, as you can hear in his voice. "We may be able to work something out but I gotta be clear and make it clear this is what excites Rozay. And as soon as I say that number, it's like 'BOW' go off and the confetti falls," Ross said. "DON'T YOU WANT ME EXCITED?!" he added, interrupting Sharpe mid-question.

Ross wouldn't go for anything that he thinks isn't worth it. The rapper explained that there have been a few times where production teams have sat down for a meeting but weren't able to come up with the amount Ross was asking for. Ross said that other times, he's been able to leverage things to his favor.

"A lot of times, we come back around and we connect. And a lot of times, I done threw a number out there before. They moved a little slow and I went up on the number. And they met me there," Ross added. He explained that a big film production tried to secure his home as a location to shoot. Ross said he made an offer of $2.5M. "We tapped out at $2.75 [million], baby," he added. 

Peep the clip below.