Recently Rick Rosscancelled a show in North Carolina, and rumors circulated that he pulled out due to death threats from the gang Gangster Disciples.  Shortly after, Rozay announced the cancellation of the second leg of his ongoing MMG tour.  Now the Bawse speaks on the cancellation and maintains that it was not out of fear, but rather he was tired of mishandled shows that were getting cancelled.  He then goes onto defend his reach in the hood and says there is no issues with him and the GD.  

Ross says in an interview with Jamz 99 that shows were being cancelled without his knowledge, and that some of the chosen locations were outside his ideal market. Ultimately, he decided to just cancel the tour as he felt it was being grossly mismanaged, "I cancelled the rest of the tour due to the promoter wasn't really handling his business. He cancelled a date of mine, I was going to Tucson Arizona, and that was really a few hours outside the market," he goes onto add, "The other day I woke up and realized two more dates had been cancelled, and felt like that was some power I needed to take away from the homie."

Addressing the rumors that he cancelled the end of the tour because of threats made by the GD, the MMG honcho says that played no part, "Once they began to unravel I just shut it down. Never was it due to any threats."  He goes onto outline his credibility saying, "I'm a certified man, I am a real boss. This is something everybody need to understand.  Gangstas move in silence."

Some had said that the head of the Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover, was upset with Ross using his name in a track, but the MMG Boss refutes that, "Anybody that know anything about Mr. Hoover, that's why I put him in my song. It's all about support it's all about coming up...I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago, that's the birthplace of the GDs. If I go to Chicago, to handle my business, then I got no problems in North Carolina."

In closing, Ricky goes on a mini-rant and adds, "I'm certified world wide.  I could put 1000 gangstas in any hood." Finally adding that again, it was all due to the promoter not booking the tour properly, "Sean G wasn't handling his business."

Check out the interview below that is riddled with classic Rozay sound bites.