Rick Ross and Jeezy squashed their longtime beef earlier this year with the release of "War Ready" a single which appearaed om Ross' brand new Mastermind album. The pairing came as a shock, but what wasn't revealed at the time of release was that the session produced another collaboration as well.

Speaking to DJ Envy about the beef, Ross elaborated on the conversation he and Jeezy had when they decided to make peace. "You know me and Jeezy, where we're from, we're both powerful. That's what made it somewhat what it was," he said." When we actually ran into each other. It was me and him. There was no filter. We put the small talk to the side-- you know, let's get back to the money".

As far as the other collaboration goes, Ross revealed that it was actually Jeezy's track. "I can't lie. It's his record, so I'ma let him do his thing, but it's crazy," he shared.

Listen to the full interview below.