While on 106 & Park Rick Ross revealed the cause of his seizures, having suffered two seizures in one day in the past month. He says that originally he didn't think his seizures were that serious.

“What it was was I was going about my business as every day. I boarded a flight, and on the flight, I had a seizure and when I snapped out of it, they told me what had happened. I was like, you buggin’, call a jet, we finna keep it moving,” explained Ross. “Because I understand me growing up and hearing about seizures, they can be violent, you bust vessels and bite your tongue up and this and that and in my case, it wasn’t none of that. I felt a little worn out, but I felt I could keep going and that’s what it was.”

However after the second one he woke up in front of the doctor who asked when was the last time Rozay got 8 hours of sleep, to which he replied five years ago. So the reason for his seizures was a lack of sleep, and the Boss says that in all other aspects of his health he is okay. 

Here's the entire clip on 106 & Park