Over the weekend, many major name rappers headed to the U.K. for The Wireless Festival including Rick Ross. Like what most American rappers do in the U.K. when they touch down, Rozay linked up with Tim Westwood. Tim Westwood's always shown love to Rick Ross over the course of his career. They've done plenty of interviews together including that time in 2014 when Rick Ross spawned the hilarious "pears" meme. After Wireless, Westwood sat down with Rick Ross and the two reminisced about the viral moment.

Rick Ross confirms that he's still eating "pears and shit like that" to Tim Westwood in a recent interview. Tim Westwood said Rick Ross predicted how big the "pears" moment would become over time. He said that it got so big that promoters would bring him pears to his dressing room.

"I told you this was special." Rozay said about the meme, "Everywhere I went for the next year... Still to this day, I go to the club. Pears. They bring the bottles and pears. That's when they know what they really doing... That's when they want me to stay there longer than they paid me to. That's when the love comes out there."

Rozay's love for pears is high. After Tim Westwood said that he wanted to get a pear as his first tattoo, Rick Ross said that he might even want to get one himself.

Peep the interview below.