A few weeks ago, Rick Ross shared a couple of Instagram pics of himself with comedy legend Bill Murray--an unlikely pair indeed. The pictures seemed to be shot in the studio, and, as it turns out, Bill and Ross were actually recording together.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel had Bill Murray on the special SXSW edition of his late-night show, and asked Bill about his time spent with Rick Ross: "What in the world were the two of you doing?" Bill then explains that he wanted Rick Ross to sing a song for his "Christmas show." Apparently, they began recording, but Murray's camp has been trying to track down the bawse ever since. 

Bill is still waiting on Ross to shoot the video for their Christmas carol: "If anyone out there sees like a 300 pound guy, who looks like he's supposed to be in New York two weeks ago, let me know." On Ross's potential whereabouts: "He better be dead, 'cuz otherwise he's in trouble." Welcome to the industry, Bill.