If you plan on coming around Rick Ross, your facial hair game better not be lacking. Especially not after the Boss announced his new line of luxury beard-care products. Let it be known. If he disapproves of your beard, he will not hesitate to put you on blast. One cannot simply bask in his presence with lackluster facial hair. The stakes are too high. One TMZ cameraman learned this the hard way, after Renzel spent a solid minute calling him out, along with his boss Harvey "Hervis" Levin. 

"TMZ done fell off," says Ross, after failing to recognize the cameraman. "The people used to be familiar. You a new face. You aint' shave this morning. You gotta shave, man! When you run into Rozay, you gotta shave, and you gotta look sharp. You know, I'ma get you some Rich Hair Care, bring your beard back, and Hervis, I call him Hervis...you been looking bad too Hervis, I gotta get you some Rich Hair Care as well. I'ma send it to the whole staff."

He reveals that he's actually on the way to a video shoot, but he's not quite finished with the grooming lecture. "I'ma get you to shave everyday. You gotta shave before you get on camera, you gotta make me that promise...You can't be stopping bosses and look like you. Come on now."

[via TMZ]