Back in 2014, Rick Ross launched a lawsuit against LMFAO over their 2011 single, "Party Rock Anthem," citing its similarities to his own 2006 hit, "Hustlin'". Specifically, the line just before the drop in "Anthem" is "Everyday I'm Shufflin'," which Rozay's team saw as a direct lift of his refrain, "Everyday I'm Hustlin'," as well as being delivered in a deliberately similar voice.

After two years in the system however, TMZ reports that the suit has hit a dead end, with a judge ruling that the case be thrown out. Apparently, Ross' copyright on the original song was unclear enough that he couldn't hold LMFAO accountable for infringing on it, with the judge looking at three separate filings that were reportedly "inconsistent and incomplete".

So it appears LMFAO are off the hook now. Do you think the lawsuit was justified to begin with?