Rick Ross may have lost his Reebok sponsorship last year, but he hasn't had any trouble picking up new deals. The MMG bawse has now landed an unlikely partnership with mCig electronic cigarettes. 

Rozay will serve as the brand ambassador for the company's mCig and VitaCig lines, and will eventually introduce his own branded device, "Mastermind" in 2015.

The rapper released a statement detailing his role in the brand today.

At this stage in my life, I’ve worked hard and make it a practice to only enjoy the finer things in life. From dining at my favorite Wingstop, listening to "Mastermind", now available in stores, to sipping Belaire Rose while traveling the world; I take pride in dealing with only the best, which is why the mCig collaboration makes the most sense for me and my brand.

I’ve been using the mCig for several months and most definitely enjoy the smoking experience. Thanks to my Crossfit workout regimen, I’m also the healthiest I’ve ever been and none of that is compromised by using the mCig.

The mCig gives me the cleanest experience possible, and as an avid smoker, that’s what I depend on. It’s sleek, small and affordable, making it accessible to all of my fans. I’m excited to be teaming up with Paul, DJ Swivel and the rest of the mCig team, and even more excited to be designing and launching my own mCig over the next few months.

The mCig brand is targeting both Cigarette smokers and-- in lieu of recent developments regarding marijuana legalization --weed smokers as well. It's not clear which crowd Rick Ross will be primarily catering to, but as an endorser of both cigars and kush, it could easily be both.