Yesterday evening, Rick Ross sent out a revelatory tweet concerning a cut from his new album Mastermind: "'Mafia Music III' track was originally for Detox which @DrDre gave me for #Mastermind in a session."

Back in February, GRAMMY-award-winning producer Bink discussed the evolution of the record with HipHopDX

"I did the record for Dr. Dre, for Detox," he said. "Dr. Dre hired Ross to write his verse for him. So Ross wrote a verse for him and a verse for himself, and then he was supposed to put Rihanna on the hook. But, you know, Dre never revisited the record, and then Ross came back about a month and a half ago and wanted the record for himself. So I had to ask the good doctor for clearance. I actually made it with Dre. I was in Vegas with Dre working on it at the time. They brought Ross in later. Actually, Khaled called me. He was just ranting and raving about Ross's verse - his exact words were 'Ross caught the Holy Spirit'. He kept saying that Ross had caught the Holy Ghost. 'We gotta have that, we gotta have that.' So I was like, you know, 'I gotta call up big homie and see if he'll let it go,' 'cause I knew he was back in Detox mode again. I didn't know if he was gonna hold onto it or not this time around."

He also touched on the "serious disconnect" in the creation of modern-day rap music.

"Dre was basically like, 'Ask him to send you a copy of the record, and if you like it, I'm with you. I'ma let you make the call,'" Bink added. "Which is flattering to me, but at the same time that's what big homie told me. So I called them, they sent me the record, which they was very nervous about it, because of course these days for some reason, when you send a rapper the music, they feel like their lyrics is worth more than the beat, and they don't send the song back... I still have yet to hear it. 'Cause when I heard it, it was just Ross and Mavado, but now they added Sizzla to it, so I still haven't heard Sizzla's verse. There's a serious disconnect, to be honest with you, with the music. It's not like it used to be."  

Fair enough. Meanwhile, we're all still waiting on Dre's album. The delay's getting a bit ridiculous at this point.