Rick Ross is a big man. It’s no surprise someone of his stature needs a very big house. The MMG head recently invited The Coveteur into his Atlanta house to explore his cavernous abode, and they took tons of pictures for us to drool over. The house includes 109 rooms and some truly massive closet space. The double doors to his home are emblazoned with large ‘R R’ lettering.

The house is best described as lavish, with multiple floor to ceiling shelves of sneakers, a Madden arcade machine and a pool setup that looks like it could be from a James Bond film. He has an in-house bowling alley featuring two lanes, too. And a pool too wide to be photographed in a single shot by most cameras. We could go on, but we’ll spare you (and ourselves) the jealousy.

The Teflon Don also revealed that he’s an avid art collector, traveling the world in search of new pieces to add to his collection. Based on his current selection, it seems Ricky Rozay has an affinity for gold.

If you had Rick Ross levels of guap, how would you spend it?