Having played for the Miami Heat for the better part of two decades, Dwyane Wade is certainly in tune with the culture of the city. With this in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise that he is very good friends with rapper Rick Ross, who has always been an advocate for Miami and all of its wonders. Their friendship has led to song collaborations and plenty of good times, although for some reason, Ross had never actually given Wade a tour of his mansion. Well, recently, that all changed.

In the clips below, Ross can be seen leading Wade throughout his home, particularly the garage. Ross has been known for his massive car collection that features quite a few vintage whips. As you can tell, Wade was extremely impressed with the collection and made sure to take some videos for himself.


From there, Ross took Wade to his private basketball court which features some amazing wall art, including paintings of Shaq and even Kobe Bryant. Wade couldn't help but marvel at just how dope the court was, and once again, took some footage for his archives.

When you're as successful as these guys are, luxury items such as these are a given. Regardless, you can't help but be in awe.