Just in case you needed a reminder, Rick Ross is here to let you know that he's rich-rich. Rick Ross's expansive Fayetteville, Georgia estate has been well-documented, but for those that needed an aerial look of the property, Rozay has delivered a helicopter view. Footage surfaced online that was reportedly taken by the rapper himself showing his luxury property and it's clean landscaping. It's reported that Evander Holyfield built the 54,000 square foot home but later lost it in foreclosure.

Rick Ross,Manion, Coming to America
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

The world will receive a more up close and personal look at Rick Ross's property in the upcoming Coming to America sequel. Filmmakers used the rapper's estate to represent a palace, and it's said that Ross will even make a cameo in the movie. It's also reported that Ross has used his home on multiple occasions for film and television features including the SuperFly remake in 2018 and Fox's Star.

Meanwhile, Big Boss Ross recently shared that fans can expect to receive the visual to "Pinned to the Cross" soon. He posted a sneak peek into the music video over on his Instagram page, nestled inbetween his luxuy "big bawse" flexes. Check it out below.

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Damn look at #rickross estate... so inspirational

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