Nipsey Hussle carried around positive energy everywhere he went and you can see that from the way people have been reacting to his death. At the young age of 33, Hussle was shot dead in front of his shop on Crenshaw and Slauson, which is where he grew up. The majority of the hip-hop world has been grieving his loss with OGs and newcomers alike feeling horrible for his family and friends. Rick Ross previously showed off his new tattoo, which honors the late Nipsey Hussle but that's not the only way that the Florida icon plans to keep his legacy alive.

While this may not be as permanent as the marking on his skin, Rick Ross will have a constant reminder of Nipsey Hussle every time he travels between floors in his house because the outside of his elevator doors has a picture of the rapper plastered on them. He showed off the new decoration on his Snapchat page, telling his fans that the Marathon continues. 

Rick Ross hasn't been alone in offering daily reminders of Nipsey Hussle's legacy online. T.I., The Game, and YG have all been contributing to the cause, posting regular photos of their homie to keep him fresh in everybody's minds. Take a look at Rozay's latest tribute below.