Rick Ross is one of the most successful artists of this generation and he is constantly coming through with dope projects. When you're as successful as Ross, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We all have things we are passionate about although when you don't have as much money, you're not able to go out and explore those passions. Luckily for Ross, he has all the money in the world to get what he wants. As it turns out, shoes and cars are two of those things on his list.

On the latest episode of Complex Sneakers, Ross showed off his impressive sneaker collection which is tucked away in various different closets. As the artist explained, his mansion had around 100 rooms and some of them are dedicated to his extensive sneaker collection. Ross revealed that he wears all of his shoes, regardless of how rare they are. He also seems to get his kicks before anyone else, which certainly has us just a bit jealous.

Ross even showed off some of his vintage shoes which for him, hold even more sentimental value than the hype rare shoes he has. It's clear that he has a wide-ranging taste which is quite admirable considering today's sneaker climate. Overall, Ross' mansion is huge but there is no doubt his car and sneaker collections are some of the most impressive parts.

What do you think of Ross' sneaker collection?