Despite the inherently self-congratulatory nature of hip-hop, there are few artists who can actually get away with referring to themselves as "the boss." One such candidate is Rick Ross, who has seized the moniker with conviction, becoming synonymous with the stature and persona required to pull it off. Naturally, as anyone who tends to call themselves "boss" might know, the position comes with a fair share of animosity. In short, Yung Renzel and his protege Meek Mill have both amassed a solid list of enemies over the years, with both artists finding themselves at odds with New York rapper 50 Cent.

As 50 Cent fans know, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' emcee is notoriously petty. A few years back, 50 and Rick Ross found themselves embroiled in a heated beef, that led to 50 dropping a slew of diss tracks including the controversial "Tia Told Me," in which he aired out "officer Ricky," DJ Khaled, and Fat Joe. In fact, 50 even had to pay a heavy fine for leaking Rick Ross' baby mama Lastonia Leviston's sex tape online. Suffice it to say, after words were exchanged, cartoons were made, and families were involved, the peak of the beef seemed to come to an uneasy halt. Despite that, the tension between the parties continues, even today.

While Meek Mill and 50 inherited some of that tension, it would appear that they recently went through an amicable reconciliation. At James Harden's birthday party, 50 and Meek shared the stage to perform "Dreams And Nightmares" together. Check out video of the incident below, via Complex. 

Evidently, the boss was displeased with his protoges' seeming betrayal. While 50 and Ross are no longer dedicated to ensuring the other's destruction, it's clear that both men do not like each other. Therefore, it's no surprise that Rozay feels some type of way about seeing Meek Mill on stage with the man who once caused him so much grief. Shortly after the performance, the boss took to Twitter to send out an ominous message - read into it what you will.