Rick Ross, who once famously declared "God forgives, I don't," has proven himself to be a surprisingly strong peacemaker. Having already played the role of mediator for both Meek Mill and Drake, Young Renzel has once again moved to end a long-running hip-hop feud. Even if it means moving behind the scenes. Earlier this week, a writer lucky enough to peep an advance listen of Port Of Miami 2 teased a collaboration between Ross, Pusha T, and Lil Wayne. Curiously enough, Wayne and Pusha have long harbored a strong dislike for one another, though the current state of their relationship remains unknown.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Weezy and Pusha's feud was strong enough to spark a fire under Drake, who inserted himself into the battle last year, arguably to his detriment. In any case, Ross doesn't appear concerned with such petty squabbles, and maneuvered to facilitate a reconciliation process of sorts. Speaking with Baller Alert, Ross explained his rationale behind placing both men on the same track, without their knowledge at that. 

"You know what I did was, I put together a record without either one of them knowing," reveals Ross. "Because I feel like we will put this behind us one day. The real question is, is the time now. It may not be the right time for that. We'll have to see August 9th, Port Of Miami 2." As of now, Pusha nor Wayne have weighed in. Perhaps Rozay's Hail Mary play will pay off in spades - either way, the fans are here for it. Respect to Rick Ross for having the foresight to position himself on the right side of history.