Following the release of Rather You Than Me and the injurious Birdman diss track "Idols Become Rivals," Rick Ross has been touring the promotional circuit. On a visit to Hot 107.9, an Atlanta radio station, Ricky Rozay shared his feelings about the Cash Money CEO.

"I just felt it wasn't right, you know what I'm saying? Khaled is a great dude," Ross said when asked why he made "Idols Become Rivals." Ross said Khaled is too much of a good guy for him to let it slide like that.

"If you burn those two [Khaled and Lil Wayne], I already know know how you feel about me, and I just don't respect it," Ross added. "I just felt like it was time for somebody to let homie know that ain't gangsta, and you know, you won't be respected no longer. I won't let nobody respect you around me."

Check out the interview in the clip below.