Rick Ross is prepping for his highly anticipated album, God Forgives, I Don't, which should be coming this summer. In a recent interview with Le Black Et La Plume Ross explains how he approached the project.

"First and foremost, the title, I wanted to approach it like let’s say Scorsese would have approached a film. I wanted it to be a bold statement, a dark statement, and have music to tell that story behind it. So it felt like a film or a motion picture when you listening to it. That’s the type of detail I really put into it," Rozay said. "The big homie Jay-Z on the album. I collaborated recently with Dr. Dre, which is something I thought would never happen at one point. Just to see how the tide is changing… I’m excited for the end result and what people are going to ultimately get."

He also talks on people jacking his style, saying that it's only natural, and when he starts directing film, he's going to bite Martin Scorseses' angles;

"I think when you dope, man, that’s going to happen. It’s just like when I fulfill one of my dreams and start directing film one day, I’m going to bite Scorsese angles. I’m going to use the Scorcese lens. I think if you great within yourself, you take that, you ain’t even tripping."