Rick Ross is no stranger to social media drama these days, having ensconced himself in the Birdman versus Lil Wayne saga for a few days now. First, it was the thought that Birdman should pay Wayne and be done with things, but yesterday Ross continued to share his thoughts in a series of Snapchat videos. "It just ran across my mind. And I said, 'damn, I wonder if Birdman paid that man yet?' Pay that man," he began. "Pay that man. Man, that man sold a million his first week. God damn, what a n***a gotta do to get his money? What that man gotta do for you to pay him? Sell 10 million in the first two days? Then you'll pay that man? God damn [...]" Now, Ross finds himself on the receiving end of some social media digs, this time from his baby mama Tia Kemp.


Ross' former flame wasn't shy about saying what was on her mind concerning the Miami rapper, especially after he allegedly called her up after it was announced that she was going to be participating in the Florida chapter of Love & Hip-Hop. "Couldn't get you to call your son last month and wish him a happy birthday," she detailed, "but soon as you got the call about me appearing on [L&HH] Miami you hit my phone this morning." Kemp continued to admonish his lack of presence in his son's life and perhaps his overindulgence in the Birdman-Weezy beef, something he isn't directly related to. "How bout you call lil wills orthodontist and pay dem people! His basketball tuition ain't paid yet either, but u got Birdman's [d**k] n ya mouth! Don't hit my line unless it's about our son! [...] Oh, dem lawyers need they [money] too. Pay dem people..."

Clearly Kemp means business, but it's unclear how Ross plans to respond, if he ever will. There was no discernible retaliation as of this writing and, perhaps rightfully so, Ross might be trying to steer clear of this drama as a whole. With this and the Birdman comments he's put out into the open, Rozay will likely have more work to do when it comes to social media responses.