With the shootings that happened in Aurora, Colorado at the Batman movie premiere all over the news and internet, rappers and other members of the hip-hop community have begun to speak out on the incident and share their sympathies.

One such rapper is Rick Ross, who spoke to 106 KMEL  about the incident, calling it "senseless" and "unfortunate" (via HHDX).

"You know, first and foremost, I send my condolences out to the family members of the victims. It’s just so senseless,” he said. “You think you’re in the movie, and as I watched him sitting in the courtroom, now he dizzy. Now he dazed. With all the pictures of him and everything that was leading up to the event, he’s smiling and this and that. Now you dazed. Don’t be dazed now. We need you to be focused when this comes down on you, because that was senseless. It’s unfortunate. Don’t be blinkin’ and all that. It could be one of his approaches to his defense, like he ain’t know what was going on. But that ain’t gon’ help you on this one."

You can watch the interview below.