Rick Ross recently visited Angie Martinez to discuss rap beefs that currently surround him, namely the Meek Mill and Drake beef and his own back-and-forth with 50 Cent

Rick Ross will not truly concede that Meek lost the beef, and he turns things on its head when he brings his own battle with 50 into the conversation as an example. "You gotta understand, perception isn't always what it is...I was perceived once to be losing to an artist or in a battle, I tripled my worth, less than 12 months. So when you a person with my experience, it's a lot of good things that come from this." He added, "That was light work." However, he does give Drizzy props later on, affirming that Drake's a great artist, and says that Meek is coming back with some "phenomenal" music that was incited by the beef.

Rozay drew comparisons from his own beef with 50 Cent when discussing the beef of his signee, saying,

"Me as an artist I heard the same thing from everybody that was a part of any label. 'You making a mistake, what're you doing?' Man, shut up sucker." He added that he's responsible for starting the beef with 50 Cent: "I initiated it. See that's what y'all don't know."

This of course leads into a discussion of Fif's current state of affairs, and while 50 has previously explained his bankruptcy filing as a business maneouvre of sorts, Ross isn't believing it for one second.

"You think Jay Z woulda filed bankruptcy? You think Puff woulda filed bankruptcy?" He asks Angie. "Bankruptcy, that's when it's everything you ever worked for. That's your name, that's your brand, you walking away from him."

He continued, "I'm not gon' speak on another man's pockets, that's not my job, but everything a man worked for..All you got as a man is your name. Get Rich or Die Tryin' and now you bankrupt. You could come back here tomorrow and explain it and say 'I'm doing this, I'm doing that.' Stop, stop, there's holes in your roof, fam."

Check out the full interview below. It's only a matter of time before 50 responds.