It looks like Rick Ross' plug messed up big time because, when the rapper flexed his designer outfit on social media, he was instantly called out by pocket-watchers claiming that he was sporting a head-to-toe fake Louis Vuitton outfit. Apparently, the fakes were pretty easy to spot.

The Miami legend, who has been caught by Fake Watch Busta on more than one occasion, was allegedly rocking a bunch of replica Louis Vuitton this weekend, according to his fans.

In a new picture, the rapper walks toward the ramp of a private jet while wearing a head-to-toe LV 'fit, complete with two carry-alls, a backpack, a bucket hat, shorts, and sneakers. According to one person who called out the artist for wearing replicas, most of the items were fake.

An account has pointed out some inconsistencies between the real and fake versions of these pieces, pointing out the fact that Rick's backpack has a tag at the bottom while the official version does not. Also, one of his carry-all bags apparently has the wrong color handles. Again, these were seemingly pretty easy to spot.

It's unclear if Rick was trying to pass these off as legitimate or if he genuinely didn't know about them being fake. There's a chance his stylist picked them up without the proper knowledge of them being illegitimate.