Rick Ross is in the middle of a child support battle with Briana Camille, who is requesting a custody arrangement and monthly support for their two children Billion and Berkley. At the start of their battle in court, Briana was pregnant with their third baby and, this week, she showed off their newborn daughter to the world, revealing her name, which has already proven to be controversial.

"Today is my birthday but I receive gifts & blessings through God all year around," wrote Briana Camille on Instagram. "I'm happy, I'm healthy, I mind my business, never hate on anyone, drink lots of water oh yea and breastfeed. That's my remedy lol so say hello to my latest gift, Bliss Allah."

The picture shows one of the first photos taken of Baby Bliss, who is all curled up in a blanket. 

Her name is already proving to be quite controversial as, in the post that The Shade Room shared, the general public seems appalled that they would name her Allah, which is the Muslim God.

"That’s like naming your kid God. Totally wrong," wrote one person in the comments. "You can’t name your kid Allah smh," said another.

Rick Ross probably doesn't care about people not accepting his children's names. This is the same man that named his son Billion, so we don't expect any less from him.

What do you think of Bliss Allah's name?