Rick Ross was on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning, where he not only premiered his new single "Sorry," he revealed the title of the album it's attached too. 

Rozay actually delivered a more candid interview than usual, he tends to dance around questions and not truly answer them, but during the 27-minute Breakfast Club interview he actually does deliver some useful answers. He also brought his fiancee, Lira Galore (or Lira Mercer) along, and the two even displayed some PDA with Lira sitting on Rozay's lap and Rozay busting a smile (!).

During the interview, Ross addresses how he was sued for rape recently, despite not being named as a defendant or being involved. He also spoke on the Meek Mill/Drake beef ("it's good for the culture"), and whether or not the two would ever collaborate again. From Rozay's perspective the beef was light work (unlike Ross' own beef with 50 Cent). Towards the end of the interview, Ross speaks on the impact of his Black Dollar mixtape, and reveals the title of his new album-- Black Market. He really doesn't any specifics about the album apart from the title, and the fact that it'll be in stores in December. 

"You know, we don't really experiment a lot, ya dig," Ross says as he led up to the album title. "But we do is build on what we got and take it to the next level. And I think that's what this project is a lot about-- you know just touching the streets with Black Dollar and introducing them to the new album, which is titled Black Market." 

Watch the full interview below. Are you excited for Black Market