Rick Ross not only dropped off an album in the last month but the "Hustlin" rapper also released a memoir that is getting just as much love and attention. Hurricanes is a book that details Rick's come up and the struggles and addictions along the way that made him be the man he is today. We've posted about some snippets of information in the book from his codeine abuse to a time he has a seizure in bed with a woman

"But I didn’t come out of it the way I usually do. My breathing was all fucked up. At around 3:30 in the morning the girl I was with went downstairs and told Tomcat I had shit myself and was foaming at the mouth," Rick writes in his book. 

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

While the Mississippi born rapper has without a doubt been praised for his openness and honesty, having it come from none other than Whoopi Goldberg is a whole new feeling. Rick posted a couple of images on Instagram of he and Whoppi hanging out, with a caption on how grateful he is of her blessing. 

"@whoopigoldberg is really proud of me and my book #hurricanes," he wrote. "We shared a priceless moment today. It was an honor to meet her."