Rick Ross apparently has some very strong genes. The Florida rapper welcomed a baby boy into the world last year, naming him Billion Leonard Roberts. The child's name is very on-brand, especially given the fact that money follows Rozay everywhere he goes. Perhaps he selected it to inspire his son to reach for the stars and never give up until he reaches a billi. The iconic rapper is celebrating the holidays with his family, reminding himself that life is the greatest gift of all on Christmas Day. He shared a few photos of how he's spending his day, carrying his baby boy in his arms and revealing just how similar the two look.

Sometimes, babies take more after one side of the family and it's very clear that Billion adopted more from his father than his mom. While his personality traits may belong more to his mother, his facial features certainly mirror those of Rick Ross. Chilling in some custom cars, the second photo especially details how much alike they look. From his eyes to his mouth, Billion resembles his dad too much, leaving his paternity without question.

Take a look at the pictures below and marvel along with us at how they share the exact same face.