It's hard to call Rick Ross a private person these days. For one, the Boss recently unveiled his complete memoirs, which featured a brutally honest reflection of medical scares and self-defecation. Clearly, Renzel is open to the idea of sharing with his fans, and recently took to Instagram to provide a welcome look into this familial life. This weekend, Ross enjoyed a little bit of father-daughter time, holding it down for the young Berkeley Hermes Roberts, whom he calls "Cupcake Shawty."

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Heading to Monkey Joe's for Berkeley's birthday party, Renzel held it down for his baby, who seemed to be having a grand old time. Though the boss posted a single photo from the event, he made sure to tag his daughter's Instagram page, which appears to be operated by her mother Briana Camille. That particular page is lined with images from the event, many of which depict Ross in full dad-mode, holding it down in an inspirational fashion.

Much respect to Renzel for being a role model to all the fathers out there, and be sure to check out some of the pics below, via Instagram.