Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are two of Miami's preeminent music names. Growing up in the sun-soaked area of South Florida, both men have risen to prominence on the strength of their skills are producers and, in Ross' case, as a rapper. Recently, the duo returned to one of their old neighborhood stomping grounds, chowing down on some delicious burgers before posing for some pictures and having an impromptu meet-and-greet with some of their fans.

In a video that the Boss himself shared on his Instagram page, both he and DJ Khaled are seen rolling up to a Checkers location in Carol City, a neighborhood in Miami Gardens. According to Khaled, Ross grew up not far from where this short video was shot. The "Wild Thoughts" mogul talked about so inspiring it is that, coming from a below-average household in terms of income, Ross has overcome the barriers that the 'hood put in front of him to succeed in the rap game.

As or Ross, he talked about how meaningful the return visit was, not just for himself but for the "youngsters," as he put it. The fresh-faced potential stars of tomorrow who were lucky enough to be in the area were shocked and stunned to be standing in such close proximity to two larger-than-life figures from the music industry. Also, both rap icons arrived at the Checkers location in a Rolls Royce, making it the kind of entrance one could only hope to make while doing their next burger run. Make sure you check out the entire clip below.

Speaking of Ross, he's been chewing on more than just fast food as of late. He's appealing the decision to throw out the lawsuit that went after LMFAO's track "Party Rock Anthem" for copyright infringement of his similar-sounding (lyrically anyways) song  "Hustlin'." There's no word on whether or not the rapper's request will be granted at this time.