There are plenty of reasons to hit up a club to party, and now it can be done for a good cause. Miami's Rockwell nightclub is a go-to spot in the home of the Heat, and DJ Irie has linked up with Rick Ross to raise money for those displaced and devastated by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. DJ Irie told Page Six that South Florida residents are eager to help in any way that they can, especially because the Bahamas are regular go-to vacation destinations.

“It goes a step further for me as I perform 20 to 30 shows per year there on average. So to work there, play there and enjoy all that is beautiful in the Bahamas on a regular basis, then we need to be there for them in times of disaster as well," DJ Irie said. On Monday, Rockwell hosted the Party for a Cause event where proceeds from door sales and percentages from Belaire Rosé purchases were donated to the Irie Foundation. HipHopDX reports that they raised $10K.

“Mixing partying and charity is always a great idea,” DJ Irie shared with Page Six. “People work hard and are going through all types of things in their lives and partying can be a great outlet for people to enjoy themselves and bring a sense of balance to their lives. People feel good when they party so when you add in the charitable component it’s like you can feel good whilst doing good and what’s better than that?” 

Mio Danilovic, Rockwell group co-owner, echoed DJ Irie's sentiments, adding that it isn't just about how much money someone can dish out. He said, "Getting involved with a disaster relief organization, especially during the immediate aftermath of disasters like Hurricane Dorian, is important especially with funding urgent recovery efforts that are desperately needed at this time.”