While the collaboration of Dave East and Rick Ross may seem surprising on paper, recent single "Fresh Prince Of Belaire" proved that the pair had chemistry on wax. Now, with the nineties-inspired visuals having dropped a few hours ago, East and Rozay chopped it up with Vulture to explain how their paths ultimately crossed in the first place. "We ran into each other in the club, then the next day we followed up like, “Let’s put some music behind it.” So this is the first Rick Ross and Dave East collaboration," explains Rozay. "We brought back that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air flavor. Shout out to Will. Shout out to 215."

In an interesting moment, Dave East opens up about towing the line between making "party music" and lyrical rap. "Even on a party record, I’m still trying to apply some type of lyricism to it. I’ll never put out some super-dumbed-down music," explains East. "I think about it a lot. All the greats had them. Biggie had “Hypnotize.” All them had them joints. Nas had “Oochie Wally.” All the dudes that I looked up to had them bounce, club records, but that’s just not my main focus."

To read the complete interview, be sure to head over to Vulture to check it out. In the mean time, stay tuned for Rozay's Port Of Miami 2 and Dave East's upcoming project; the way he tells it, there's no shortage of music in his vault.